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SWAROVSKI Round Stones Crystals are loose crystal elements. Most of them are pointed on the reverse side, making them easy to apply in either metal claw settings or pre-set cavities. The assortment features a wide variety of different cuts and sizes, the most innovative one being the XIRIUS Chaton and the smallest one being the XERO Chaton in size PP0. The science of the cut and the celebration of crystal as high art come together in the XIRIUS Chaton, Swarovski’s most brilliant crystal element ever. Merging a gemstone-like cut with rich, varied color and Platinum Pro colored foiling for exceptional durability, XIRIUS takes crystal one step closer to the diamond. Here you can find the official color chart of Swarovski Crystal Round Stones from standard collection.

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  1. Swarovski 1122 Rivoli SS47 (10.7mm) Light Topaz (4 pezzi)

  2. Swarovski 1122 Rivoli 14mm Light Topaz (2 pezzi)

  3. Swarovski 1122 Rivoli 12mm Light Topaz (2 pezzi)

  4. Swarovski 1088 XIRIUS Chaton SS39 (8.3mm) White Opal Star Shine (6 pezzi)

  5. Swarovski 1088 XIRIUS Chaton SS34 (7mm) Citrus Green Shimmer (10 pezzi)

  6. Swarovski 1028 XILION Chaton PP2 (1mm) Vintage Rose (100 pezzi)

  7. Swarovski 1028 XILION Chaton PP2 (1mm) Denim Blue (100 pezzi)

  8. Swarovski 1028 XILION Chaton PP12 (1.8mm) Iris (100 pezzi)

  9. Swarovski 1088 XIRIUS Chaton PP24 (3.1mm) Light Topaz unfoiled (50 pezzi)

  10. Swarovski 1383 Fantasy 14mm Majestic Green Ignite unfoiled

  11. Swarovski 1383 Fantasy 10mm Majestic Green Ignite unfoiled

  12. Swarovski 1122 Rivoli SS47 (10.7mm) Light Rose Moonlight (4 pezzi)

  13. Swarovski 1122 Rivoli SS39 (8.3mm) Light Topaz (6 pezzi)

  14. Swarovski 1122 Rivoli SS29 (6.2mm) Jet Hematite unfoiled (8 pezzi)

  15. Swarovski 1122 Rivoli 14mm Black Diamond Moonlight (2 pezzi)

  16. Swarovski 1122 Rivoli 12mm Crystal Transmission (2 pezzi)

  17. Swarovski 1100 XERO Chaton PP1 (0.85mm) Scarlet (72 pezzi)

  18. Swarovski 1100 XERO Chaton PP1 (0.85mm) Aquamarine (72 pezzi)

  19. Swarovski 1088 XIRIUS Chaton SS39 (8.3mm) Rosaline (6 pezzi)

  20. Swarovski 1088 XIRIUS Chaton SS39 (8.3mm) Crystal Comet Argent Light (6 pezzi)

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