Primero 1401 Rose Cut 8mm Scarlet (2 pezzi)

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Can be used with these base metal findings (choose suitable size).
Brand new premium line crystal components that will elevate your expectations for quality and brilliance.


Brilliant crystals
Highest quality crystals with incredible brilliance and sparkle
Made in Austria
Made in Austria adhering to the highest environmental and social standards
Available to everyone
Availability without any restrictions in extensive range of assortment
Scarlet. Primero presents Scarlet, its latest red-letter color choice for truly stylish occasions. Now available throughout the product range and in myriad size and shape options for enhanced design possibilities, this is opulence embodied. Best of all, this elegant shade is environmentally responsible, containing no cadmium. An antidote to our increasingly uncertain future, Scarlet symbolizes passion and excitement, offering a decadent, elegant edge to sensuous designs, and reminding us that we should celebrate life in all its beauty. Combined with the subtle shine of Crystal Velvet Brown Pearl, designs are given elegance and a sophisticated allure.
Maggiori Informazioni
MarcaPRIMERO Crystals
Paese di ProduzioneAustria
TipoPietre Tonde
Modello1401 Rose Cut
Talcatura o foilingLaminato
Tipo di talcatura o foilingPlatinum Pro Foiling (F)
Quantità nel Pacco2 Pezzi
Pacco originali intere quantità144 pezzi