Primero 5043 Briolette XXL Hole 11mm Jet Shimmer 2x

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2x does not indicate the quantity of the crystals, it's a part of official color title and it means that both sides of the crystal are treated with an effect.
Brand new premium line crystal components that will elevate your expectations for quality and brilliance.


Brilliant crystals
Highest quality crystals with incredible brilliance and sparkle
Made in Austria
Made in Austria adhering to the highest environmental and social standards
Available to everyone
Availability without any restrictions in extensive range of assortment
5043 Briolette XXL Hole Bead will give desired uniqueness to your designs! Its large 5.2mm hole enables the use of many more beading materials and types of thread. Availability in most of the core assortment colors with a touch of shimmer and a matt hole will allow to create stunning color combinations. The size of the bead itself gives opportunity to use it as an eye-catching accent or as component for massive modern-look designs.
Suitable for hand application, e.g., beading, threading, wireworking, knitting, weaving, knotting, crocheting, etc.. Can easily be applied by using a leather strand or cord to create stunning jewelry and accessories or can be manually sewn on, creating beautiful textile applications. Also, suitable for complex beading designs, enabling beading thread to be passed through the hole many times. Please note that the hole's finishing is matt, so using transparent and colorless glues is recommended to prevent uneven appearance. Note: All types of glue will make the matt hole surface appear transparent/clear.
Maggiori Informazioni
MarcaPRIMERO Crystals
Paese di ProduzioneAustria
Modello5043 Briolette XXL Hole
ColoreJet Shimmer 2x
Quantità nel Pacco1 Pezzo
Pacco originali intere quantità12 pezzi